Second Extinction gets a lot of upgrades

A large package for the cooperative dinosaur bank from Systemic Reaction is on its way now. The update before season 6 is the biggest to date and introduces Emergency Landing: Horde Mode, a new playable character, as well as crossplay between Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Second Extinction is available in early access at Epic Games Store. It is also free-to-play on Steam, until the fourth of October. If you want to buy it, you get a 40% discount.

So what do we have to expect with the upcoming update?

  • Emergency Landing: Horde Mode
    You start inside a crashed dropship, armed with only one gun. When you defeat wave after wave of the birds’ less cozy predecessors, you earn credits. With said credits, you can buy new equipment and unlock new abilities that increase your chances of survival. Time to start practicing, because soon there will also be a leaderboard for Horde Mode.
  • New hero
    Sunetra, a biologist who kills dinosaurs with science. Reduce the damage your team takes by using pheromones that make enemies turn on each other. With Sunetra, the game gets a total of six playable characters.
  • Crossplay
    Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store.
  • Augmentations
    Unique drops from enemies that give your character new, special abilities. You can only use a limited number of augmentations, forcing players to build more strategic builds.
  • In-game voice chat and matchmaking
  • New wardrobe features
    Allows you to preview everything in the game, without having to unlock it.
  • New seasonal contracts and rewards