Secret emails show: Microsoft wanted to become an App Store friend with Apple

Apple has taken a stern stance towards streaming services for games and unlike film, TV, music and radio, games that are streamed are not welcome on the App Store.

Microsoft has today released its Xbox Cloud Gaming service via web browser to reach iOS users, but email exchanges between the two companies show how far Microsoft was willing to go to accommodate Apple, reports The Verge.

One of the big obstacles for Microsoft is that Apple insisted that each individual game must be released as a separate app in the App Store, even if the content is then streamed from servers. The email The Verge has seen, which became public as part of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, shows that Microsoft was willing to try.

Microsoft tried to convince Apple by offering to release several Xbox-exclusive big games on the App Store.

Negotiations were suspended after Apple refused to allow Microsoft to split the games so that the streaming technology could be in a common app for the entire Xbox Game Streaming service, while individual games could be made into small scales that did not need to be updated, says Xbox Cloud Gaming CEO Kareem Choudhry to The Verge.

Apple wanted each game to be complete with all the necessary technology, but that would have meant at least 150 megabytes per game and thousands of apps to update over and over again for Microsoft.