Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: Headphones with premium sound

In connection with the launch of the new Momentum True Wireless 3 (which we will review shortly), Sennheiser also took the opportunity to introduce the new model Sport True Wireless, which is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to be able to enjoy a first-class audio experience during the workout. .

Rating 4.5 out of 5


Good battery life, IP54 rating, Bluetooth 5.2, awesome fit, a flexible app and not least a sound experience that makes the neck hair stand up. Sennheiser Sport True Wireless deserves and is presented with a high rating and our warmest recommendations.


  • World-class sound
  • Accurate touch controls, good app
  • Comfortable and well-fitting
  • IP54 rated


  • The conversational sound leaves something to be desired
  • The charging box is relatively large and awkward

They are thus more protected against weather and wind and have a firmer fit. That is – the headphones are suitable not only for athletes but also for a day at the beach, with all that entails in the form of challenges for electronic devices.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless

Design and construction

Externally, the new Sport model is similar to the CX True Wireless, which we tested almost a year ago. The shape is basically the same, as are the different functions of the headphones, but of course there are also a number of differences here.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless

As a complement to silicone plugs in different sizes (as well as different areas of use, more on that later), Sport True Wireless is also shipped with a bunch of fins (in four sizes) so that they can be fixed further in the ears. They are also IP54-rated and thus both dust and splash resistant (CX True Wireless is IPX4-rated).

The charging box has the capacity to charge the headphones twice, which means a battery life of a total of 37 hours. It comes with a practical carrying strap that can be attached to your backpack or exercise bag. A certainly simple detail, but oh so practical.

Features and user experience

With the help of the associated app, the installation takes a couple of moments, and the operation is then as if taken from the school book. By dabbing your finger against the headphones’ touch controls, you control all functions. Something that in itself is hardly unique, but Sennheiser has, just like with previous models, simply made it childishly simple: one press on either headphone to pause / resume playback, two presses on the left for the previous track and two presses on it right for the next track.

Hold your finger against the surface to decrease (left) or increase (right) the volume. Three quick presses activate the phone’s built-in voice control function (Siri or Google Assistant).

With the associated Sennheiser Smart Control app, it is also possible to customize the touch functions of the headphones, as well as to adjust the sound to your liking with the help of the built-in equalizer. Exemplary!

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless

In the app you can also choose between two different playback modes, “Focus Mode” or “Aware Mode”, where the former mode, in combination with the closed ear adapters, will provide more effective passive noise reduction for noisier environments, where the user wants to focus only on playback. In the second mode, in combination with the open adapters that let through certain external sounds, you get a better awareness of what is happening around you, for example in vehicle traffic environments.

Whether the adapters themselves affect the difference between the two different modes we leave unsaid, we hear no difference, regardless of which of them we use, however, the playback sound differs radically. Strangely enough, with a more intense, bass-heavy and engaging sound in Aware mode.

In the form of transmission of sound from outside, we also do not notice any difference between the two different modes. In summary, we can only state that – choose the plugs you think are most comfortable and provide the best insulation, followed by the sound mode that conveys the music as you currently want to experience it.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless

Performance and sound quality

The battery life is specified at 27 hours – 9 hours on a single charge and an additional 18 hours in combination with the charging case. The passive sound insulation from disturbing sounds from outside is really good, no matter which sound mode you choose, something that is also known as a prerequisite for giving the playback sound justice.

The dynamic 7-millimeter elements play in the highest league and the question is whether we have previously tested a pair of sports headphones in the true wireless format that sound better than these. Sennheiser Sport excels all over the register and it is a pure pleasure to wear them both in the running track and in the deck chair.
M3 recommends


Model: Sport True Wireless
Tested: May 2022
Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Color: Black
IP certification: Ip54
Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
Audio codec: AAC, SBC, aptX
Battery life: up to 9 hours + 18 hours (charging box)
Dedicated app: yes
Voice control: yes, the phone’s built-in
Active voice control: No
Included accessories: Charging cover (usb-c)
Weight (two headphones): 13 grams
Weight charging box: 41.6 grams
Recommended price for testing: SEK 1,490
Award: Costs SEK 1,490 at Webhallen