Setback for Apple in patent litigation with Virnetx

Now it’s time again for new tours between Apple and Virnetx in the tenacious dispute regarding a number of patents used in Facetime, Imessage and a VPN service in iOS.

Three years ago, the infamous court in East Texas, which almost always rules in favor of the plaintiff, ruled that Apple should pay $ 503 million (equivalent to SEK 4.2 billion) to Virnetx for patent infringement.

In November 2019, a higher court ruled that Apple only violated two of Virnetx’s patents and not four, which led to demands that the trial be resumed from the beginning.

Now the news agency reports Reuters that Apple has been denied its request for a new lawsuit, which means that the company’s lawyers must find a new reason not to pay the amount of damages.

The dispute between the two companies began as early as 2010 and over the years, the amount of damages has gone up and down like a roller coaster. In 2012, Apple would pay $ 368 million, in 2016 the amount rose to $ 625 million and in 2018 the amount dropped to $ 503 million.

According to the latest estimates, the dispute could cost Apple up to 1.1 billion dollars in the end, this if you also include future license fees.

The American legal system is much more complicated than the Swedish one and in principle it is possible to appeal decisions forever, at least as long as the parties involved can afford to pay their lawyers. Given that Apple is the world’s richest company, there will probably be no talk of an end to the circus until the two parties are reconciled, which may take a few more years.