Setback for Valve – Dota 2 party in Stockholm threatened

E-sports is fighting against the wind to be accepted in the Swedish National Sports Association. Just over three weeks ago, a new vote took place on applications submitted by the Swedish e-sports association and the e-sports association SESF during the annual The Swedish Sports Confederation. Once again, the applications were rejected by the federations during the meeting, which, among other things, received support in vaguely specified sports and the form of physical sports that are conducted.

It puts the brakes on the game publisher Valve, who planned to hold the huge Dota 2 championship The International in Stockholm this autumn. This championship has been postponed for a year due to the covid-19 pandemic. Since e-sports is not considered an elite sport in Sweden, players and staff around the team cannot be granted the special entry permit required during pandemic times, Valve writes in an update on its site.

Despite the official decision from the Swedish Sports Confederation, Valve must have appealed directly to the Ministry of the Interior for an exception, but received the nob. Reference is also made to the current political situation in Sweden as a reason to now search for another country where the tournament would not encounter the same obstacles. The game publisher expects to find a solution and announces that the qualifying rounds will start as planned on 23 June.

There are still relatively few countries that recognize e-sports as an official sport. In Sweden, therefore, there is currently a situation where the pandemic limits the possibility of holding large events outside the sports sphere at the same time as the e-sports organizations’ application for membership in RF is denied. Continuation is expected to follow in the matter.

You who want to know more about the rejected applications will find them here and here.