Several Philips Hue news items want to brighten up your dark autumn

Just in time for autumn, it is usually time for new products in the Philips Hue range. So again this year – Signify has now confirmed which products we can expect to appear to make the autumn darkness a little more manageable.

One of the more eye-catching launches is the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip, which is an individually addressable LED light loop that you can attach to the back of the TV. The light loop works with TVs from size 55 inches and up.

The end result is reminiscent of the ambilight technology found in many Philips TVs: it generates and mixes several different colors simultaneously, and with a Philips HDMI Sync Box or the company’s own app (for PC and Mac with, for example, the TV screen connected to the computer) you can make the light match and sync with the colors currently visible on the TV. The price for the new light loop starts at SEK 1,969 for the 55-inch variant – other size choices are 65 and 75 inches. Sales start is set for October 6.

Philips Hue Iris
Philips Hue Iris.

Furthermore, the table lamp Iris is updated with better color reproduction, the possibility of lower dimming and a maximum brightness of 570 lumens for white light. In addition to the standard version, four special editions in the colors gold, rosé, silver and copper will be available. The price for updated Iris lands at SEK 1,099 (standard) and SEK 1,319 for one of the special colors. Sales start here again on October 6.

Philips Hue E14
Philips Hue White Luster E14 light source.

Signify is also taking the opportunity to release larger sizes of its filament lamps as well as a black version of the Ensis pendant lamp. Last (and least) are the new slimmer light sources with E14 socket, which have been in demand for a long time and will now be released in stores on 29 September. Then only with white light, and the price lands at SEK 219 for a single pack.