Shame on giving up! Rune 2: Decapitation Edition is out now

Last year’s strangest serial in the gaming world was the one about Human Head Studios, Ragnarok Game and Bethesda. Only one day after the launch was closed Rune 2developers Human Head Studios down, only to immediately re-emerge as the new Bethesda studio Roundhose Studios.

Rune 2publishers Ragnarok were completely unprepared for it, especially bad because they planned lots of Rune 2updates with Human Head Studios after launch. A protracted battle for the source code followed, which eventually landed in Ragnarok’s hands, which immediately promised continued employment.

Obviously you have not been lazy then Ragnarok: Decapitation Edition was launched via Steam last Friday. The new release launch trailer promises plenty of news, such as thousands of new dialogue lines, hundreds of new quests, six new caves, “one-click-co-op experience”, over 30 new abilities, new enemies, new bosses, new weapons, a vastly expanded landmass , four new god villages, updated graphics and a completely new deathmatch mode.

Here is the launch trailer for Ragnarok: Decapitation Edition.