She will be the next person to join Apple’s board

Apple announced on Tuesday that Monica Lozano, CEO and head of the College Futures Foundation, has been elected to the company’s board.

“Lozano brings with him his broad knowledge of leadership from both the public and private sectors, as well as a long background in the fight for equality, opportunity and representation,” Apple itself wrote in a press release.

Prior to working with the College Futures Foundation, Monica Lozano was the editor and publisher of La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States, for 30 years. She has also been the CEO of La Opinión’s owner ImpreMedia. Monica Lozano also sits on the boards of Target and Bank of America and has served on the boards of The Walt Disney Company.

“Monica has been a true leader and pioneer in business, the media and a growing circle of philanthropic work for a more equal future for our schools and in our lives,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Her values ​​and broad knowledge will help Apple continue to grow, innovate and she will be a champion of the right for our teams, customers and communities.”

“I have always admired Apple’s dedication to technology, which in its best form can empower people to improve their lives and build a better world,” said Monica Lozano herself in Apple’s press release.