Sir Clive Sinclair – the creator of ZX Spectrum – has died

It’s not at all impossible that you who grew up in the 80’s sat and played on a ZX Spectrum. The home computer, released in 1982, was a smash hit worldwide.

The originator of the machine that would seriously challenge the Commodore 64 is Sir Clive Sinclair. The British pioneer first worked with calculators, but jumped early on the home computer wave where he thus had great success with his ZX computers. Spectrum, the most successful of them, got him knighted.

Now the world of technology has been reached by a sad news: Sir Clive Sinclair has died at the age of 81. This after a long period of illness according to The Guardian.

– He was a pretty amazing person. He was, of course, smart, and interested in everything. My daughter and her husband are engineers so he always got caught up in such discussions with them, says daughter Belinda Sinclair to the British newspaper.

Article from 2016: ZX Spectrum – the computer that laid the foundation for the entire home PC market

Just today we remember Sir Clive Sinclair for his huge success with ZX Spectrum. It went less well for a couple of his other inventions, like it electric moped C5 which was sawn hard from a road safety point of view. Wristwatch Black Watch is also not a product that goes down in history as particularly successful.