SL introduces contactless card payments – M3

Stockholms Lokaltrafik, SL, now makes it possible to “blip” a debit card for single tickets. The change applies from 2 February and allows travelers to buy a ticket from a ticket reader that is valid for 75 minutes on the metro and bus.

Price is SEK 38, which is the same as in the SL app, the ticket machines or via an SL Access card.

The function requires a debit card from Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The service also works with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

– We are happy to finally launch this service, which makes it easier for our travelers – while we understand that only those who have to travel with us right now can use it to begin with. Many people are already used to skipping the payment card when they shop, so this is a welcome addition, says David Lagneholm, head of administration at the traffic administration, in a press release.

He continues:

– We start by launching the payment method for tickets at adult prices, but continue to develop the system so that it will also be possible to buy a ticket at a discounted price with the payment card.

SL writes that the reason why they are launching the new payment method at the same time as travel by public transport is not recommended due to the corona pandemic is to make it easier to buy a ticket for those who still have to travel.

If it is not possible to slip the debit card, as on buses where there are currently safety glasses fitted to the driver, the traveler must choose another way to buy a ticket. None of the previous payment methods have been removed in connection with the launch.

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