Smart leash keeps track of your dog’s health

The French company Invoxia is showing at CES its new Smart Dog Collar, a collar with a leash bracket that can keep track of vital parameters in your dog, and which at the same time acts as a GPS and activity tracker, writes The Verge.

Inside the Smart Dog Collar is a radar that is aimed at the neck and can read, among other things, pulse. The collar uses a type of radar, called Soli, which should work no matter how thick the dog’s fur is.

A big advantage of this radar is also that it can sit more loosely around the dog’s neck, without affecting the heart rate reading. We humans are otherwise used to smart bracelets having to sit quite tight around, for example, the wrist to be able to read health data.

With the collar also an app to be able to keep track of the health data, see where the four-legged friend is and get warnings if the dog is outside a certain zone.

Smart necklace for dog
Photo: Invoxia

Invoxia announces that the necklace will be available during the summer of 2022. The price lands at 99 dollars, or approximately 900 kronor before Swedish VAT. A subscription for GPS functions costs $ 12.99 a month, approximately SEK 110 before VAT.

The collar is only available for medium to large dogs. In small dogs, it is unfortunately more difficult to read the pulse with this type of technology.

If Smart Dog Collar will be relevant for Sweden, we have no information at the moment.