Snap will look at ways to get around Apple’s new tracking rules

Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, will be exploring different ways to get around Apple’s upcoming tracking rules, reports Financial Times, via Apple Insider.

In conjunction with iOS 14.5, Apple will make a new system, App Tracking Transparency (ATT), mandatory. The system means that apps must get permission from the user if they want to track them over the net.

According to internal documents, Snap will look at using data from third-party companies instead to analyze how many users have reacted to advertising campaigns. By cross-referencing that data in relation to its own information, it must be possible to identify and track users.

There are already reports that several Chinese companies are considering similar methods. Snap, on the other hand, is the largest American company it is known to watch.

Snap itself has confirmed to the Financial Times that they have been testing a similar program for several months to test the impact of Apple’s new rules. However, Snap says they plan to shut down the program when ATT is released. According to Snap, they know they can not track users without their permission but say they would still be able to collect group data without breaking the rules.

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