Snowrunner will receive two new maps and three new vehicles on November 16

At the end of April, Saber Interactive’s lead-heavy transport simulator was released Snowrunner. The undersigned reviewed on behalf of this publication, and awarded the rating 75 percent, together with the rating “Snowrunner both give and take, until you have nothing left ”. A special gaming experience to say the least!

A few weeks before the launch, the first year’s dlc was also presented Snowrunner, and now it has been revealed that season 2 kicks off on November 16, next week’s Monday.

The official website confirms that two new Canadian maps will be offered, with missions that allow “even more creative gaming”. Three new vehicles are also introduced, including the CAT 770G (the best in the picture above), the series’ largest vehicle to date. In addition to the paid content, free stuff is also waiting in the form of two new trials, new missions on the previous maps, “extreme cargo” and new visual objects, both for the inside and outside of the vehicles.

Here is a tweet about season 2 in Snowrunner.