So the NSO Group ended up on the US black list

Things are going badly right now for the NSO Group, the Israeli company whose spyware Pegasus has been used around the world to hack iPhones belonging to activists, journalists, lawyers, political opponents – and the occasional criminal.

The company has been going on several big bangs lately. Apple has sued it in US court and has started warning all users it discovers have been hacked with Pegasus. But even worse for the NSO Group is that it has been placed on a sanctions list by the US Department of Commerce, which means that US companies must seek special permission to do business with it.

According to Ars Technica has the great attention led to many customers pulling out and looking for lesser known competitors. And the origin of the fact that the world may soon escape Pegasus may be one of the NSO Group’s smaller deals, with Uganda.

In 2019, Pegasus was sold to the Ugandan state. NSO Group has always had a rule that US telephone numbers may not be attacked, but this summer 11 US diplomats were hacked at the embassy in Kampala. They had local phone numbers but Icloud accounts with their official email addresses.

When we wrote about the news, no one knew who was behind the attack, but according to Ars Technica’s sources, it was the host country itself, and the American anger led more or less directly to the blacklisting of the company.