Sonos goes after Google again – more patent infringement reported

Earlier this year, Sonos filed a patent application against Google in the Northern California Federal District Court. At the same time, the company lodged a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC), a government agency that judges cases involving international trade and can stop the import of products.

Now reports The Verge To speed up the process, Sonos has filed a new lawsuit against Google over infringement of a number of other patents, this time in the Federal District Court of West Texas. This applies to five patents relating to, among other things, remote control of smart speakers from other devices and an automatically adjusted equalizer.

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Sonos General Counsel Eddie Lazarus tells The Verge that Google is just one of many manufacturers that use Sonos technology without a license. Sonos gave Google a chance to license the technologies before proceeding with a lawsuit, and has done the same with Amazon.

The West Texas District Court is not as well known as the one in East Texas, but has in the past year emerged as a new favorite among avid patent lawyers. This is not least because the district includes Austin, where many technology companies have offices.