Sonos Radio increases the quality

Sonos now announces that their streaming service Sonos Radio will have better quality, which is almost a must if you have Sonos speakers.

Listening to the radio is not something you should do if you are picky when it comes to quality, but this is something Sonos wants to change now.

Sonos Radio will be released in a type of HD version where all music will be played in 16-bit and streamed lossless in 44Hz. This is basically the same quality as listening directly to a CD.

However, this will not come for free but will cost a little money, in the US it costs 8 dollars a month but what the exact price will be in Sweden we do not know at the moment.

We can hope that maybe a little more services that “broadcast radio” jump on the bandwagon and actually do this in high quality, but I am skeptical considering how much Spotify and similar services take over and actually offer good quality from the start.