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‘Sons Of The Forest’ can be beaten in under nine minutes

‘Sons Of The Forest’ can be beaten in under nine minutes

A Sons Of The Forest fan has completed the survival horror game in eight minutes and 45 seconds, thanks to a combination of creative glitches.

The feat was accomplished by speedrunner Benjamin Romero (via PC Gamer), who has been uploading footage of his multiple run-through attempts to his YouTube channel.

While his past attempts at completing Sons Of The Forest have taken between 8:54 and 11:37 minutes, his latest upload sees the speedrunner reaching the game’s ending in just 8:45 minutes.

You can watch Romero’s full speedrun below – though it’s worth noting that the video contains spoilers for Sons Of The Forest.

Though Romero’s commentary is in French, footage of his playthrough shows how he managed to achieve the record. The speedrun begins with Romero sprinting up a mountain, using a glitch to reach the summit before throwing himself down the slopes and knocking his character unconscious.

Being knocked unconscious leads to Romero’s character being kidnapped, which in this case serves as a handy way to teleport across the map. Romero escapes, and once again jumps off another mountain – this time using a bug to help him survive the fall. After that, he uses texture clipping glitches to fall into the game’s underground bunker and skip large seconds of it, leading to the