Sony Bravia: The brand’s TVs will finally boost the PS5!

For years, Sony has been the only manufacturer that offers game consoles, as well as TVs to gamers. But until now, we had no advantage to connect our PlayStation to a Bravia TV. Sony is therefore striking a blow for the release of the PS5 by offering a range of televisions that will offer new and exclusive features to PlayStation players.

The Japanese firm therefore launched the label “Perfect for PlayStation 5” which adorns the packaging of the televisions of the series Bravia XR. Available in a wide choice of diagonal sizes, resolutions (4K or 8K) and display technologies (LED or OLED), these TVs allow gamers to get the most from their PS5, and get all the performance out of it. . In the whole lot, there is necessarily one that will perfectly suit your expectations and your interior! We offer here a small review of details to make your choice, with prices broken during this period!

What is “Perfect for PlayStation 5”?

First of all, each Bravia XR TV has a specific gaming mode, which enables ultra-high frequency display, capable of scaling up to 120Hz in 4K, or performance previously dedicated to the world of PCs and high-end gaming monitors. Who would refuse such quality, especially at a time of increasingly sophisticated games that are technically and graphically successful? Of course, you have to have compatible games, but there is no doubt that the least resource-intensive titles can shine on these screens. Moreover, a rare thing for a TV, the response time is only 6ms. Rather rare to be reported.

Beyond these more than honorable performances, the Bravia XR can also exchange information with your PS5, and offer a level of compatibility unparalleled with the rest of the televisions on the market.

PS5 Control and Gaming Mode

First, the remote control of each Bravia XR is also able to drive your PS5, which eliminates the need for you, for example, to purchase the appropriate peripheral, and thus saves you € 29.99. It’s always good to take these days.

Second exclusive feature, the Bravia XR are able to recognize the type of content that is playing on your PS5, whether it’s a movie or a game, and automatically switch between Cinema mode or Gaming mode. This so that your TV can automatically benefit from the best settings according to your activity. This is a significant time saving. Tech enthusiasts will appreciate!

Game and movie mode
Gaming mode

Auto HDR

Finally, the last specific functionality concerns the use of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) which allows to offer unparalleled contrasts. TV Bravia XR are indeed able to recognize that the PS5 is connected, and automatically apply the HDR settings recommended by the developers. Concretely this will allow players to enjoy a clearer image than ever, as we can see in this comparison on the future Gran Turismo 7.

Auto HDR
Auto HDR

Up to € 1300 discount + € 100 free on PlayStation Store

The good news is that there are currently big promotions on the models. Bravia XR certified “Perfect for PlayStation 5”.

Without going into a Prévert-style inventory, know that:

  • The entry-level model XR55X90J (139cm 4K LED) is offered at 1099 euros instead of 1390 euros.
  • The mid-range model XR65A80J (165cm 4K OLED) is displayed at 2090 euros instead of 2690 euros.
  • The top model XR-77A80J (195cm 4k OLED) changes to 3699 euros instead of 4,990 euros.

We let you discover the different offers that are currently underway at Baker, Ubaldi, FNAC and Darty.

Finally, know that for each TV purchased, Sony will give you a voucher of € 100 available on the PlayStation Store. Enough to catch the latest AAAs on the lookout, or to secure your PlayStation Plus subscription for a long time.

Perfect for PLaystation

Sony BRAVIA XR TV at a glance

  • An LED or OLED panel
  • HDMI 2.1 which allows up to 4K 120fps
  • 6ms response time
  • Auto HDR
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS compatible TV
  • TV that acts as a speaker thanks to its Acoustic surface Audio + technology (on OLED model only)