Sony buys Haven, Jade Raymond’s studio to make a PS5 exclusive

Jade Raymond’s studio (Assassin’s Creed) joins the PlayStation Studios family. The acquisition of Sony Interactive Entertainment comes as Haven works on a AAA multi.

As we knew, Sony Interactive Entertainment is not going to close its portfolio and intends to expand the number of first-party studios in its possession, both with internal growth for several of them and takeovers. PlayStation Studios roster grows with Haven acquisitiona still very young structure set up by Jade Raymond, known for having launched the Assassin’s Creed franchise as a producer.

A haven of peace

Haven will therefore move forward under the PlayStation Studios banner, just over a year after opening. Jade Raymond, Founder and CEO, spoke on PlayStation Blog.

A year ago this month, Haven Studios embarked on an adventure with a small team, but big ambitions. Our goal was to build a studio that allowed us to make the games we always wanted to make, games we actually wanted to play! We have made incredible progress in such a short time thanks to our passionate team and their exceptional efforts. At Haven, we have established a culture based on kindness, flexibility and the courage to let your creativity run free. Our first franchise for PlayStation is poised to deliver an AAA multiplayer experience with an ever-evolving world centered on freedom, passion and zest to keep players entertained for years to come..

Today, the Haven team begins a new stage in its adventure by joining the PlayStation Studios family. Working with Hermen, Connie Booth and the entire PlayStation team last year was a career highlight. SIE is a true support who completely understands what the creative process is and what makes a AAA hit. They gave us carte blanche to bring our bold project to life and make our dreams come true.. We are therefore delighted to take this opportunity to strengthen our partnership.

As an internal studio at SIE, we will have the chance to collaborate with some of the most famous development teams in the world, including studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule or Insomniac Games, the game creators who have inspired us as gamers and developers for years. We look forward to learning from these world-renowned studios as well as the exceptional creative, technical, and marketing teams whose expertise will enable us to create even more amazing games for players.

The ex-manager of the Stadia studio is ready to get back in the saddle after the setbacks experienced with Google which should not happen again here. If Sony Interactive Entertainment has taken Haven under its wing, it’s because the current project and the team’s vision are clearly worth the effort.

Internet user Benji-Sales summarized the Japanese manufacturer’s shopping over the last 31 months:

Haven on a new PlayStation 5 license

For now, we don’t have any visuals of this mysterious game, but as mentioned above, it will be a new license PS5a AAA multiplayer experience. Jade Raymond is working on this exclusive, which could also come to PC, with former colleagues from the Ubisoft era. In the workforce, there is for example Raphael Lacoste, artistic director of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and he is not the only one. In truth, it is a large part of the developers of the first episode who decided to join the Haven Studios adventure.

As for the amount of the transaction, it is currently unknown but should not panic the counters given the youth of the studio.