Sony launches Xperia Pro in the US – charges a lot

Phones today cost a lot of money. If you want the latest from Samsung or Apple, you have to pay several thousand kroner. But if you want Sony’s Xperia Pro, a “professional variant” of the Xperia 1 II, a phone that came last year and cost around SEK 12,000, you have to pay the equivalent of SEK 25,000. It writes Ars Technica.

Admittedly, Sony has printed in more internal and storage memory (12 and 512 gigabytes respectively), but that’s not why the phone is expensive. The reason for the high price is that it has been equipped with a Micro hdmi port, which can be used as a video input. For example, you can connect a camera to it and use Xperia as a monitor. The phone is aimed at filmmakers and other professional users.

This is not the first phone to have hdmi. Motorola released a phone in 2011 that had hdmi-output, which allowed you to play movies on your TV, for example. Ars Technica also points out that most Android phones released today support USB-C and suggests instead that you can buy one. dongel for SEK 200.