Sony lays off more than 90 employees in the United States

In view of a transformation, Sony Interactive Entertainment is parting with almost 100 employees. Referrals affect sales and marketing departments.

Capcom rewards its employees, Sony PlayStation fires them. Two rooms, two atmospheres. These cuts were reported by our colleagues fromAxios and of VGC.

A harsh awakening

So these are about 93 people who, overnight, were fired by surprise. An act deplored by one of the employees who believes that PlayStation could have managed things better upstream, and even found replacements. But this last point, it seems, was not part of the company’s plan.

The positions eliminated are at the level of the marketing and sales departments. According to VGC, almost the entire retail division has been removed from the organization chart of the American offices of Sony Interactive Entertainment. These employees were assigned to promote PlayStation products to resellers, ensuring that the latter were able to sell them (well).

According to Axios, the management, internally, put it on the back of a “global transformation”. As always, no public comments.

PlayStation: more digital, less physical?

It’s hard not to see a direct link with the announcement of the new PS Plus, witness to the evolution of players’ consumption habits. And rather than jumping on the bandwagon, Sony Interactive Entertainment anticipates. A look at sales, where digital is strong, must have weighed in as well.

The move suggests a shift towards direct-to-consumer marketing and a move away from retailers and physical game sales.

This does not mean that the manufacturer will drop the physical market in the short term, especially since it still counts, but it is preparing for it and trying to bring the two together. For the moment.

Do you understand that layoffs can take place despite PlayStation’s excellent financial health? Are you still so attached to the physical? What is your position on subscription services? Tell us everything in comments.