Sony plans to release several of its games on mobile

Mobile gaming may not be that big in Sweden, but away in Asia it is huge and Sony now wants to invest more in mobile gaming with its already well-known titles.

Sony has now released one job advertisement where they are looking for a person who will take care of mobile games from Playstation Studios, to be more precisely “Head of Mobile”.

What we can read in the description of the service is that we are looking for someone who will lead the development of mobile games and these games will be based on existing titles. In short, Sony wants their popular titles on Playstation to be released on mobile, but exactly how or what formats are still unknown.

This was really just a matter of time considering how big their titles are worldwide and having them on mobile will probably not get smaller players, on the contrary. But the most interesting thing now is to see how and what games Sony has in mind, Nintendo has done similar with their games and it has been a successful venture.