Sony reveals: Here are the new controllers for PS VR

Sony has previously revealed that they are working on a new virtual reality headset for their latest console Playstation 5. Now the company has also shown off the new controllers for the future headset.

The goal of the controls is said to be to achieve a greater commitment and presence in vr experiences by building on the innovations that Sony has already demonstrated with its new Dualsense hand control.

The new vr hand controls have an orb shape that will offer a natural and ergonomic grip as well as a large degree of maneuverability. The VR controls have analog levers and buttons similar to a traditional Playstation control as well as grip controls.

They are also equipped with adaptive triggers, which can provide resistance when pressed, haptic feedback, which provides a more kinetically detailed experience, and touch sensors that can sense all fingers without being pressed against the control. Something that makes it possible with more natural gestures in the living room.

The tracking of the vr controls is then handled by the vr headset and a ring at the bottom of the controls.

Sony has said that their vr headset will not be released this year but sometime in the future. However, the company will soon start sending out the first development kits.

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