Sony stops producing Playstation 4

Sony has now announced that it will stop producing several Playstation 4 versions, but there will still be one version left.

Lately, there has been full focus on Playstation 5, which is perhaps not entirely unexpected. However, Sony has said that they will continue to support Playstation 4 for a few more years, both with games and updates.

However, the interest in producing Playstation 4 from Sony does not seem as great. Sony now announces that it has stopped producing all Playstation 4 versions except the standard version with 500GB hard drive. For example, if you want a PS4 Pro, you have to get one now that it will soon be completely off the store shelves.

This is perhaps not entirely unexpected, all focus from Sony will now be on Playstation 5 and since the demand is so great that Sony is not completely unexpected, perhaps investing everything they can in PS5 production.

I’m more surprised at how quickly Sony actually stopped producing the Playstation 4, of course a version remains, but it’s probably only a matter of time before it also disappears and all focus is on the Playstation 5.