Sony’s 360 Reality Audio can come to Android

Sony wants more and more people to have access to the audio format 360 Reality Audio and now it seems to be on the way to Android.

Now it seems that Google and Sony has started a small collaboration where they want to somehow implement Sony’s new audio format 360 Reality Audio in Android.

It remains to be seen whether Android will support the audio format based on MPEG-H 3D, or whether Google will choose to fully integrate the format into the operating system. At the moment, only Sony phones support 360 Reality Audio, so it would not be completely impossible if we get to see more phones in the future.

Should Google and Sony succeed in getting 360 Reality Audio in Android, I do not think many will complain and finally audio format can get a little new thinking in more phones than just Sony, the question is just if it will and how good the support will be.