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Soon the equivalent of the Platinum Trophy on Xbox? Microsoft responds

Soon the equivalent of the Platinum Trophy on Xbox?  Microsoft responds

The arrival of the Xbox 360 in November 2005 coincided with the arrival of a new feature that had a profound impact on the way some gamers play. It is indeed on Xbox 360 that Microsoft introduced the Achievements. These little virtual rewards have become addictive for gamers. And their plebiscite was such that the concept was quickly taken up by other platform managers. Today, Microsoft is considering new ways to advance its successes.

Microsoft is currently considering integrating an equivalent to the Platinum Trophy for PlayStation games on Xbox. In any case, this is what recently suggested Jason Ronald of Microsoft. The director in charge of project management at Xbox recently participated in the Iron Lords Podcast. And it was during the latter that the future of Achievements was discussed.

Successes, serious business

More specificly, Jason Ronald was asked about the possible arrival on Xbox of a “Achievement equivalent to Sony’s Platinum (Trophy).“The podcast host specifies that he is talking about a”recognition from the game“when the latter has been completely finished. According to the Microsoft representative, the Xbox team is aware that there is a demand at this level:

We have clearly heard the feedback (from the players) on this. Achievements are an interesting topic because not all people play games the same way. So we ask ourselves how to reward people for playing the way they want and the way they want.

Some players just prefer to play multiplayer. What do we do to reward them or highlight their progress? Other people like to play a ton of different games. How to respect their investment? And besides that there are people like me who are completionists and literally want to finish everything in a game.

There is therefore a balance to be found. And that’s really something we’ve