Source about the Windows 11 leak: Microsoft has more planned

The computer world is holding its breath ahead of June 24, when Microsoft will reveal its plans for the upcoming Windows operating system. Excessive hints from the company and speculation from the world’s technology journalists have determined in advance that it is Windows 11.

The other day one leaked alleged preview version of the upcoming operating system out. Mark Hachman, editor of our sister magazine PCWorld, was one of many who downloaded it and began evaluating the news. Apart from major appearance changes, however, it was relatively thin with groundbreaking news and the current version felt more like a regular – albeit large – Windows 10 update.

Now states an insider told PCWorld that the leaked version is an incomplete pre-release version of the operating system, and that Microsoft has significantly more to show. Exactly what the source refers to is not clear, but it may be several news that has previously been stated to be relevant to the alleged The “Sun Valley” update of Windows 10.

The source also did not refer to the leaked version of Windows as “Windows 11”, but according to PCWorld this is exactly what it says when you run the “winver” line in the Command Prompt.

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The confusion about what we will actually see next week is quite large. Many PC enthusiasts probably also think it’s quite fun – the last few Windows years have not directly spoiled us with news. Keep both eyes open on June 24 to calm your curiosity, is our advice.