Space: Stockholm’s new digital meeting place is now inaugurated

Updated (2021-11-25):

Time for Space inauguration

Saturday 27 November will be a big day for everyone who has struggled to complete the digital cultural center Space in Stockholm. As you can see later in the article, we wrote about the planned construction just over two years ago – before a covid-19 pandemic came and put an end to everything. Then, in the name of honesty, we forgot about it, and are surprised when we are invited to the press inauguration.

The work with Space has also been affected by the pandemic, but despite this, Pop House and the gang can actually say that they kept their promise to open in 2021. For those of you who do not have the strength to scroll, Space is a physical-digital meeting place with a heavy focus on e-sports and gaming, which attracts with line after line of top-equipped computers with which you can play to your heart’s lust. Or just eat a bite to eat in the Asian restaurant or watch some e-sports.

Photo: Billy EkblomThe digital cultural center Space is inaugurated here.

The highlight is perhaps the e-sports arena with an 8k large screen, impressive lighting arrangements and space for 550 seated spectators. It was also here that they welcomed the press at the stealth inauguration earlier today and pressed the launch button for what will be a very different addition to the rough environment around Sergels Torg in Stockholm. International e-sports events have already been booked, the representatives at Space say.

At Space, as I said, there are hundreds of gaming stations with computers mecked by the Webhallen, and partly corona-delayed screens from Samsung. All ages are welcome, and under the first giant hall with computers there is an “adult section” where only 20-plus people can stay. A large number of computers can be accommodated in the well-ventilated cave, where there is also a bar and bookable gaming rooms.

Photo: Billy EkblomThe computers have been built together by Webhallen.

In order to have access to Space’s gaming halls at all, the user needs to download one app and verify with Bank ID. Then you sneak in via a revolving door every time it’s game time and scan a qr code on the computer jar to start a session with the right user. The app also has an overview view for worried parents, the possibility to book a place and a complete ordering system for food and drink that is served right up to the computer. You can also “level” and unlock different progress.

Photo: Billy EkblomIn the adult section downstairs there is, among other things, a bar.

The concept of having your own app is incredibly well thought out. Just “well thought out” feels like the recurring theme for Space – during the press event, there is not a single question that does not get a well-balanced answer from any of the many representatives who are on site. It is noticeable that zealots are behind the project.

An example is the question of how to plan to deal with people who misbehave, are mean or create chaos. Well, then the sinner’s Space account is closed and he may at a later time return and take a degree regarding Space rules. They have also worked with the organization Female Legends to have an inclusive philosophy in the whole project from the very beginning.

But Space is not just entertainment. It is also intended to be a kind of workplace for digital nomads and other smaller companies who want close contact with the industry (and the target group). There are offices, conference rooms, podcast studios and even an educational venture that goes by the name Academy. There, preferably school classes with 13-19-year-olds will learn more about coding and programming because, according to Space, there are already tens of thousands of unused jobs today. The idea is also that young people should be able to more easily go from consuming digital content to creating it themselves.

Photo: Billy EkblomOne of the spaces on Space that is dedicated to utility rather than pleasure.

All in all, we are impressed. The vision that in the press release two years ago appeared a bit Stockholm’s arrogant and sent some stylish “down with the kids vibes” appears today as an extremely serious investment to become a gathering place for a wide age range with a common digital interest. Space can really become a “space” for many Stockholmers, whether they are looking to work, meet or just play some computer games.

Of course, space can go completely to the forest – that possibility is always there. But the concept feels sharp, as if there is a genuine desire to modernize the capital’s range of meeting spaces and entertainment in a direction that has not really been represented before.

Previous (2019-10-17):

Space: New digital cultural center

In 2021, the huge technology investment Space will open its doors at one of Stockholm’s most central addresses at Sergels Torg. The initiative is described as “a modern digital cultural center” and will at the inauguration boast, among other things, 500 fully equipped gaming computers for e-sports and other gamers.

The largest collection of gaming computers in Stockholm is currently found on Inferno Online at Odenplan, which can beat the chest with 520 pieces.

But gaming will not be the only focus point for the center, which also wants to attract musicians, podcasters, influencers and other Swedes interested in technology. In addition to the gaming premises, there will also be a music arena, production studios, restaurants and even a gym for those who want to feel a little analog for a while.

Space can perhaps best be summed up as an extremely ambitious project to capture everyone who is considered to belong to the “digital generation” in a 7,500 square meter play and work landscape. Behind the investment is, among others, the former World of Warcraft champion Gustav Käll. Pop House, med earlier Abba musicians Björn Ulvaeus and Conni Jonsson as majority owners, are also in the game as main owners.

– Sweden has a long history as a leader in technology and music innovations and provides a lively stage for the next generation. Space will be a meeting place that affects culture and society at large, a place where ideas, attitudes and creativity can collide in a unifying force that can change the status quo and affect tomorrow for future generations, “says Per Sundin, CEO of Pop House and co-founder of Space.

It is in the fifth Hötorgsskrapan that the future dream will be made a reality. The owner AMF Fastigheter was also present at the presentation of the project, and here are a bunch of concept sketches of what Space can look like when it is ready in two years:

Entrance space
Photo: Press imageThis is what the entrance to Space may look like.
Space arena
Photo: Press imageAn arena with room for hundreds of spectators will enable live events in both e-sports and music.
Space sergel
Photo: Press imageThe exterior from the lower part of Sergels Torg.
Space sergel
Photo: Press imageThe fifth Hötorgsskrapan can be seen on the left in the city view.