Special investigators must review the private copying compensation

The government writes in one press release that they have now decided to appoint a special investigator, who will be commissioned to review the remuneration to authors and other rights holders in the case of private copying.

– The current private copying allowance has become obsolete for several years, for example, the average person no longer makes a copy of their favorite CD to be able to listen to it in the car. It is important that a modernization takes place, says Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson.

The private copying allowance, also called the cassette tax, provides storage media such as USB sticks, hard disks, computers and mobile phones with a price surcharge to replace culture creators, whose income would possibly be affected by the Swedes’ private copying.

At the same time, private co-operation has fallen sharply in recent years in connection with the streaming services taking over, which has led to the law being increasingly criticized for being outdated. IN May 2018 The Trade and Industry Committee issued a call to the government to review the compensation system.

The current compensation is based on how much a unit can store. Against end of 2018 The District Court ruled that Telia would pay copyright holders SEK 107 million for all Iphones that the company imported and sold between 2009-2016. This corresponded to a compensation of three kronor per gigabyte.

The investigator, Monika Sörbom, Court of Appeal lawyer in the Svea Court of Appeal, will now make a complete review of the private copying compensation and submit proposals for changes to modernize and streamline it. The assignment must be reported no later than 21 February 2022.

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