Spiritfarer will receive three major free updates in 2021

Thunder Lotus Games management adventure Spirit dangers charmed the bralls of many when it was released this summer, including our reviewer Rikard Olsson who handed out 91 percent in our review, along with the review “a unique, touching story about the last rest that both charms and entertains”.

Now comes more; via it own website Thunder Lotus Games has introduced a new roadmap, which lists three major free updates for the remainder of 2021. This spring, “Lily”, including the new ferry passenger Lily (starring Stella’s little sister), will be released, along with “more story content for Stella”, “improved co-op ”and“ quality of life improvements ”. During the summer, Beverly (Steall’s old neighbor) also gets on board, and is followed by Jackie and Daria (caregiver and patient, respectively) during the autumn, along with a new island and a new event. We can also expect new boat buildings, collectibles, recipes and resources during the year.

Here is last year’s launch trailer for Spirit dangers.