Spotify continues to increase the number of users

Spotify has now presented its latest quarterly report which shows how many users they have and how many pay for the service.

To Spotify has many users has not really been a secret, but now we know a little more exactly how many they have and there are many.

In total, Spotify has over 365 million users who are active every month, this is an increase of 22 percent compared to last year during the same period. Of these 365 million, 165 million are users who pay for the service and this is also an increase of 20 percent.

During the quarter, Spotify had revenues of EUR 2.3 billion and a profit of EUR 12 million.

Spotify 2021 users

In connection with this quarterly report, Spotify announces some of its plans for the future, before the end of the year they want over 400 million users and at least 177 million users who pay for the service, the question is then whether they will succeed with this.