Spotify criticizes Apple’s One offer

Spotify has released an official statement where the streaming service criticizes Apple’s new package solution Apple One where you can get Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and extra Icloud storage at a discounted price.

Translate from English, Spotify writes that:

“Apple uses its dominant position and unfair practices to undermine competitors and restrict consumers by giving priority to its own services. We urge competition authorities to act swiftly to curb Apple’s anti-competitive behavior, which, if left unchecked, will cause irreparable harm to developers and threaten our collective freedom to listen, learn, create and connect. “

Following previous complaints from Spotify, among others two EU investigations started to evaluate whether Apple’s App Store and Apple Pay violate EU competition law.

According to The Verge Apple itself does not agree and writes in its own statement that:

“Customers can discover and enjoy alternatives to every single one of Apple’s services. We’re introducing Apple One because it’s a great value for customers and an easy way to access all of Apple’s subscription services. We’ll recommend the Apple One plan that saves you the most money based on what subscriptions you already have.It’s perfect for those who love our services and want more for less and it’s especially good for families.Selected services included in Apple One are also available to use on non- Apple products and you can cancel them whenever you want. “

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