Star Renegades finally reaches PS4

The stylistic, turn-based roguelite strategy game Star Renegades is on G for PlayStation 4. The release date is March 10 (now on Wednesday!) along with the update called The Imperium Strikes Back. Switch owners will have to wait until sometime in the coming weeks for this update, says the publisher Raw Fury in the same breath.

Star Renegades developed by Massive Damage Games and first saw the light of day on PC on September 8 last year. A contemporary Switch and Xbox release (Xbone) followed on November 19, but for some reason PS4 users have had to wait until now.

IN Star Renegades you play as a resistance movement somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. It’s your job to lead the gang to victory against The Empire. What Star Renegades lacks in innovative back cover texts, takes it back in sheer style. It’s dirty cyberpunk pixels that are on the screen and the music is in the same vein. The gameplay is roguelite, which in this case means procedure-generated content that looks different each time you play through. A presentation of Star Renegades appears in the header.