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Star Wars: Dark Forces is a good reminder of how good Star Wars can be.

This year, Star Wars turns 44 years old. It’s an impressive age for something that still engages so many impossible people. Actually, it is not May 4 at all which is the first film’s debut day, though. The film premiered on May 25, 1977, but over the years, the fourth has become the official day of remembrance for our dear Star Wars, for a lot of reasons that I can not bear to go into here.

Personally, I get a little nauseous from the phrase “may the fourth be with you”, but if it gives me an excuse to play one of my favorite games in the Star Wars universe, then I might as well bite. The game in question is, as you probably understood from the title, Dark Forces. It is the first, and in my opinion still the most fun, game in what would become Jedi Knightseries. I like the sequels too, but the simple, fast straightness in Dark Forces classic fps action ironically lasts better than the somewhat rigid laser fencing in the sequels today. Regardless of which of the games in the series you like best, these are without a doubt some of the very best Star Wars games. It is probably mostly that there is no really modern alternative to the first Dark Forces if you want fast, hectic Doom-action in Star Wars costume, while Respawns Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order offers updated laser saber battles that must be said to strike Jedi Knightgames on the fingers.

Lucasart’s first attempt in the fps genre is an impressive craft. On the one hand, the shooting is intense and fun. Not super difficult compared to many other contemporary games, but not a walk in the park either all the time. The environmental variation and track design are also really good, especially for a game from 1995. There are some exceptions, mainly one, but we will return to that.

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What is it?

The first fps game in the Star Wars universe.





Release date

February 28, 1995

Also check out

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The game begins with you stealing the drawings of the Death Star.