Starfield presents Colonial Systems in video

By dint of saying that it is not for tomorrow, at some point, it will be. This is surely why the developers of Starfield are coming back with a new presentation that will delight fans.

More than a year, or so, before Starfield was at hand. And it wriggles, it wriggles. Even if we imagine that the long sequences of gameplay to nibble are not forthcoming, there is always a way to illustrate the intentions. After taking some of his precious time to present New Atlantis, Neon and Akila City last August, Design Director Emil Pagliarulo delivers new details.

Faction man, the greatest of all heroes

Supporting his remarks once again with concept arts, he tells us about the Colonial Systems, located quite far from our blue planet and the different factions that are there and may prevent you from exploring in circles.

The game is set in 2330, in a small corner of the Milky Way galaxy in an area that stretches out of our solar system for about 50 light years. About 20 years before the game began, the two main factions of the Colonial Systems, the Colonial Union and the Liber Astra Confederacy, were engaged in a bloody colonial war. Now the two factions are enjoying a fragile peace, but the Colonial Systems remain dangerous. There are still many human threats left, such as the mercenaries of Eclipse, the violent Siderians, the pirates of the Scarlet Fleet, or even the religious fanatics of House Va’ruun. The organization called Constellation is on a mission to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy. And, being one of its newest members, you will explore the darkest corners of Colonial Systems and be at home in Starfield.

Starfield is coming to Xbox Series X | S and PC on 11/11/2022, Day One on Game Pass.