Starlink ready to bring in more customers

SpaceX Starlink

If you want to be able to surf via satellites, Starlink is the way to go and now Elon Musk announces that they will open up to more customers.

Starlink may not be very popular here in Sweden, but away in the US the interest is huge and already now they have over 100,000 customers who use this network. It is a beta version which of course is closed but which they will soon open up for new customers.

SpaceX, which is the company behind Starlink, now announces that they have over 500,000 people standing in line to join Starlink, all of whom could have access to it as SpaceX has now received permission to ship one million Starlink terminals in the US .

SpaceX has already applied for a permit for five million units, but it will probably take a while longer.

You can get Starlink via a starter package which then contains a satellite receiver and a terminal which is a must to be able to connect, this package costs 499 dollars. In addition, you must also have a subscription that costs $ 99 a month.