State of Play: The Impressions of The Last of Us: Part II

The launch of The Last of Us: Part II moving everything closer. Despite numerous delays and hopes for the leak, Naughty Dog has completed the journey towards the sequel. The developers have talked a lot about the game but have been sparing with gameplay what we can expect from the adventure.

Yesterday, Sony aired its annual state-of-the-art livestream show, showing more game sequences. For almost 25 minutes, the world could follow Ellie’s journey through a post-apocalyptic Seattle. As expected, the gaming world was grand and lavish. The environments were mixed, ranging from lush forests to wet marshes. Everything was framed with a clear survival theme. The world in the shadow of ruin is a horrible place to live and you have to stay alive at all costs.

Naughty Dog is open with how violent the game is. Precisely that bit is central to conveying the message that it means to survive in an inhospitable place. Several times detailed battle scenes were shown showing Ellie cutting the throats of opponents or clubs down them in close combat. I was struck by the artificial intelligence of the combatants and how this will challenge the player to imagine before the fights. The animations signal how the movement pattern will work and what approach the player must take to dominate in the ring.

With Playstation 4’s technical capability, Naughty Dog has the opportunity to take out the turns further and give the game a wider range of opportunities to explore and survive. This time Ellie can move more and use the terrain to a greater extent. Watching the angry teenage rebel crawl in the grass and wait out his victims was a satisfaction of rarely seen rank. I can hardly bear to kill villains with a bow hidden in the bush like an Indian.

I was even more curious about the game’s crafting system. This time, the player can manufacture more things and use as needed and situation. If Ellie needs a muffler for the gun, there is the opportunity to craft it in action. Most likely, I will suffer from decision anxiety. Should the hunting rifle have a binoculars sight or does the shotgun’s firing rate go up? Should I bet on a Molotov cocktail or would the choice rather land on a landmine? The choices will be endless.

After the demonstration ended, my expectations were slightly higher. I really mourn the angry criticism that will boycott the game with reference to the leak. You will miss something grand and regret deeply as the tooth of time catches up with this grand production. On June 19, we will learn the answer.