Steam wants game developers to build support for hand controls

Valve has now released a large amount of data from its gaming platform Steam to encourage PC game developers to consider adding controller controls to their games, reports Engadget.

According to Valve’s latest data, a total of 48 million players have so far used hand controls in a Steam game and 10 percent of daily gaming via the platform takes place with hand control.

However, the difference is great between different genres. As many as 90 percent run racing games with some form of hand control, while only 8 percent do the same for first-person shooters and less than one percent use hand controls for strategy games. Other genres are more mixed but hand controls are increasingly popular. Sports and fighting games are around 70 percent for hand control, while third-person titles are between 40 and 50 percent.

Among the controllers, Xbox controls are by far the most popular, accounting for 68 percent of gaming sessions, while Playstation controls account for 21 percent, Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller 4 percent and Valve’s own discontinued Steam control two percent.

Valve also argues that if a game has users where a large number of them have controls, but not so many of them use their controls in the game, then it is a sign that the developer has not done enough to add proper support for them .

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