Steam’s big winter sale has begun!

Just a few days ago, Valve announced that this year’s autumn sale on Steam was “the biggest ever”, with “just under a million” brand new Steam customers and more than 24 million simultaneous logged-in users at most. And now the sequel is already here, probably with new records in tow!

This year’s winter sale on Steam has inletts, and in addition to the classic, initial load problems, we also get to take advantage of lots of cool offers, and the opportunity to vote for this year’s Steam Awards (whose categories we went through earlier). Among the most eye-catching offers we find among others Total War: Warhammer 2 (66 percent sale, 20 euros and 39 cents), Civilization VI (75 percent, 15 euros) and about a thousand other games that I did not have time to perceive the price tags for before the traffic became too much (again).

Stem’s winter sale lasts for two weeks and ends on Tuesday 5 January.