Steelseries acquired by GN Store Nord

Steelseries has now been acquired by the same company that owns Jabra, among other places, but what does the future hold for Steelseries now?

GN Store Nord may not be a company everyone has heard of, but they will soon own not only Jabra but also Steelseries.

It is now officially to GN Store Nord bought Steelseries for as much as SEK 10 billion, but this does not come as a surprise as GN Store Nord has long talked about wanting to enter the game with gaming.

René Svendsen-Tune, chief executive of GN Audio, says the following regarding the acquisition:

We have for some time searched for the right way for GN to enter the very interesting gaming market, being keenly interested in the ‘high-end’ segment.

It will be interesting to see what Steelseries will deliver and if GN Store Nord will invest in the development of future products, we can only hope that they do not, given that Steelseries has done a good job with its latest products.