Success for app that shares name with hot Wordle – the money for charity

Wordle is 2022’s first internet phenomenon. A simple word game that works much like Mastermind but with words. The rules are almost identical to the American play program Lingo and the 50’s game Jotto.

The game has taken the world by storm and is now played by millions of players. Two things are truly unique about Wordle: It’s only available on the web, not in app form, and you can only play once a day. The former has led to a gold rush when developers try to exploit the popularity of various clones of the game on the App Store and Play Store. Apple has already had a cleanup of fake Wordle clones.

But a game that is not a clone has nevertheless benefited from Wordle’s popularity. It’s called Wordle! [så!] and was released as early as 2017 by developer Steven Cravotta.

He does not think the sudden popularity is well deserved, and has therefore decided to donate the new proceeds to charity, reports The Verge. Therefore, he contacted World’s developer Josh Wardle and together they decided that Wordle!’S proceeds will go to Boost Oakland, an organization that works with mentoring and mentorship for young people in Oakland.

Wordle! is free but has the buy-in-app and Steven Cravotta says that the game has so far raised more than SEK 18,000 thanks to the name confusion.

The game is not the only one that uses the name “wordle” in some form and has been around for several years. Wordle (the exact same name as the new popular game) by developer David Knowles was released in 2018 and has just like Wordle! a completely different game mechanics.