Supply problems in 2022

The Nintendo Switch is about to pass the milestone of 100 million consoles sold worldwide. Which means a lot of people already have the console. Despite this, consumer appetite for the Nintendo console is not waning. And as the Kyoto firm is also encountering supply problems with the components necessary for the manufacture of the console, this is reflected in the availability of the Switch in stores.

The Nintendo Switch could continue to suffer from supply issues in 2022. The information could not be more serious since it comes directly from Shuntaro Furukawa. The president of Nintendo has indeed recently voiced about the Switch’s outlook for the coming year. And according to him, the situation in terms of console production remains delicate.

A demand for Nintendo Switch still strong in 2022?

According to Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo didn’t have enough Switch to meet demand after Black Friday 2021. And as for 2022, isn’t particularly confident:

It will depend on demand but as I feared we will not be able to produce as many units as we want.

Shuntaro Furukawa Nintendo Switch cycle

The endless shortage

This update is just a confirmation of what Nintendo was planning at the end of last year. Indeed, the manufacturer initially planned to produce 25 million Switches during the current fiscal year (which will end on March 31, 2022). This forecast was revised downwards last November. The latest news is that Nintendo now expects a total of 24 million at the end of the fiscal year.

As a reminder, Nintendo’s capacity limitation in terms of Switch production is linked to the shortage of semiconductors. This same shortage hits all console manufacturers. But not only. Manufacturers of computers, smartphones or simply smart cards are also affected. And the end of this shortage still does not seem to be looming at present.

Are you any surprise that Nintendo Switch supply issues continue into 2022? When do you think demand will weaken? Nintendo going to have another big year in 2022? Have you recently had trouble finding a Switch? Give us your opinion in the comments below.