Support for jit compilation detected in iOS 14.2 – speeds up emulation

A major difference between iOS and Mac OS is that the previous system has never supported jit compilation. Jit stands for just-in-time and means that program code is compiled into machine code just before it is run. On a computer, it is used, among other things, in browsers for faster javascript, and by emulators that convert code for one type of processor to another.

Now Riley Testut, the developer behind the alternative app store Altstore, has discovered that Apple has added support for the feature in iOS 14.2. It started in beta 2 of the update, but has also been included in the final version and therefore seems to be at least semi-official, reports 9 to 5 Mac.

At Altstore, you can find apps that are not allowed on the App Store, such as emulators for various old video game consoles. These can now start to benefit from jit compilation, which makes it possible to emulate much more powerful systems than before. Riley Testut points to systems such as PS2 and Gamecube. A beta version of Altstore with support for the feature has already been released to those who support the project via Patreon.

Apple will probably not start allowing standard emulators on the App Store, but it is possible that companies will open for faster javascript in browsers, for example.