Surprise of the year 2020: Huntdown | Varvat

Out of nowhere released the unknown Trollhätte-based indie agency Easy Triggers Games this spring the pixel-free toffee Huntdown. As a bounty hunter, you must hunt down a number of different villains before the final boss can face the cold steel. The violence was senselessly exaggerated, the music completely outstanding and so were the clichéd lines. This was something out of the ordinary, leaping from blood, sweat, tears – and dripping with dedicated love to a decade several decades ago.

The nostalgic tears in the eye canals thrive when the retro-like pixel graphics fade in front of the eyes. Nor does it get worse from all the weapons of mass destruction that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cult roll gets Commando to fade in comparison. Easy Triggers Games knows exactly how to charm an older and refined group of critics.

Now we are waiting with excitement for what the Trollhätte boys will achieve in the coming years. Maybe a brand new one Huntdown with even rougher cannons and grenades? In any case, the editorial staff is ready when that investment sees the light of day.