Sweden gets third least content for the money on Netflix

Netflix is ​​now available in almost the entire world, with only a few exceptions: China, North Korea and Syria, as well as on the Crimean peninsula. But the range varies greatly, as do the prices.

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The site Comparitech has collected data on both of these factors and has published an analysis that shows where it is cheapest and most expensive to get Netflix, and where you get the most and the least for the money.

In the latter category for basic subscriptions, Sweden is in third place. Only in Denmark and Switzerland do you get less for your money. With standard subscriptions, Sweden is in place 10 (from the bottom) and premium subscriptions in place four.

The most cost-effective countries to subscribe to are Brazil, South Africa and India, respectively. Of the richer countries, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are well placed, while the United States has strangely lagged behind and is not in the top ten for any subscription.

Comparitech also lists the average IMDB rating for all series and movies in each country. On that list, South Korea and Thailand top, with Sweden in 23rd place, but the differences are not so great.

The UK has the largest library with 6,122 titles in total, followed by Ireland (6112) and Canada (5998). The figures apply to August this year.