Swedish celebrities are revealed in commercials for Black Ops Cold War

Uses Anis Don Demina steal from other artists, pee Martin Mutumba in the shower and like Alicia Lauterbach to smell their own farts?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered in Call of Duty’s Cold War-inspired campaign for new Black Ops Cold War. During the decades of the Cold War, information was hard currency and lie detector testing was a common method to get over it. As part of the launch, Call of Duty chose to invite a number of well-known artists and influencers to a specially built interrogation room inside a rock room. Once there, they were connected to an old lie detector and had to answer questions from their followers, but asked by a grim Russian agent.

Here you can see all interviews:

Anis Don Demina, Artist, DJ and Youtuber

Alicia Lauterbach, Influencer

Greekazo, Rapper

Martin Mutumba, former football player