Swedish Earin launches slimmed true wireless plugs

Malmö-based Earin today launches the new true wireless handset A-3. Inside are self-developed speaker elements that, according to their own statements, pump through 20 percent more air than the competition. By letting more air through, the base becomes deeper.

Unlike other true wireless, the A-3 lacks that protruding pin, where the microphone is usually located. Instead, Earin has chosen to integrate two different types of sensors into each headphone, a microphone and an accelerometer. The accelerometer responds to vibrations in the body when you speak. An adaptive algorithm then analyzes voices and background noise in real time from the microphone and filters out ambient background noise.

Another feature worth noting is that you do not have to think about which headphone is for the left or right ear. Earin uses its own technology that automatically assigns right or left when the headphones are placed in the ear. We guess they use an exciting algorithm and a certain amount of black magic. The A-3 has an IP52 rating, which means that you can train with them or use them outdoors even though it is raining.

A-3 works with voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. One charge provides up to five hours of playing time and the included case has up to 30 hours of battery life.

The headphones will be available during the first quarter of 2021 and cost SEK 2,495.