Swedish Little Nightmares reaches 2 million copies sold – comes to Stadia

Little Nightmares has really made an impact. Not just in terms of clean accessibility (it is available on all today’s consoles and also has a specially developed one Mobile) but also in sales figures, today’s publisher Bandai Namco reports. The game has since released sold over two million copies. The game about the little girl in a yellow raincoat fleeing a nightmarish ship full of distorted people has proven to be a bit of a sneaky success!

We at Varvat can only provide the ore based Tarier Studios and eloge. Three years ago, we gave the game a stable eight rating with the closing words:

“The whole thing is Little Nightmares an incredibly cozy game that still scares the shit out of one with its extremely eerie atmosphere. “


The sales news came in conjunction with the announcement of Little Nightmares come to Google Stages June 1st. Pro subscribers will be able to sign off the basic edition of the game at no extra cost and then purchase the DLC package Secrets of the Maw. Non-subscribers can buy instead Little Nightmares Complete Edition containing both.