Swish more popular than ever and continues to grow

Swish now has over 7 million users and it continues to grow, Fridays are the day when we send the most money, among other things.

A little new figures have been presented regarding Swish and this is clearly a service that has succeeded. In total, more than 7.5 million people are connected to the service, as many as seven million of these made some type of transfer during the month of December.

The age group that uses Swish is 19-35 years and it is 97 percent of all 7.5 million who are connected to Swish.

Swish ages 2020

But even though the age group is quite fixed, the number of people over the age of 65 has doubled in 2020, many speculations indicate that it is due to the pandemic, among other things.

Most days during the week it swishes almost as much, however, Fridays are when you swish the most money and Sunday is when you swish the least. Not entirely unexpectedly, it is just over lunchtime that most money is swished.

Swish 2020 days