Switch problems with Joy-Con operation may never get a solution

Nintendo has published questions and answers with Ko Shiota and Totu Yamashita, two of the company’s highest-ranking hardware executives, ahead of the launch of the Switch with OLED screen.

Among other things, the managers talk about how Nintendo has continued to make improvements to the hardware in the Switch since its launch in 2017. Power consumption, for example, has decreased from twelve to seven watts in an average game, which has significantly extended the battery life. An example is how Breath of the Wild, which originally had around three hours of playing time on a full charge but now manages 5.5 hours.

Another issue concerns the ghost inputs from the Joy-Con control’s joysticks, which have been a circumscribed problem ever since the Switch was released.

Here, the managers answer that Nintendo has worked to develop the materials used to improve endurance and function. Improvements have been incorporated into the hand controls as a Joy-Con purchased this year is better than one purchased a couple of years ago.

But they also say that just as car tires wear out, wear and tear on hand controls will always be a fact. When Nintendo repairs a controller today, the latest version of the components is used, just like in all the new Joy-Con sold today.